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Cassettes! Tapes! Audio in magnetized strip form! And I have added three new albums to my collection courtesy of the Pitchfork Music Festival!


Japanese Breakfast

The first is Soft Sounds From Another Planet, the latest album from Japanese Breakfast, AKA Michelle Zauner. I saw her play at Pitchfork and it was really my first experience with her music and I love it. I ran over to pick up a copy of the album after listening to her because I knew her sound would be great on a walkman. A little later on, Michelle was signing stuff for fans and her label was there selling cassettes, CDs, and vinyl to fans waiting in line. They jacked up the price by 25% over what I paid for it at the booth.



Next up is Miracle Mile by STRFKR (yes, that's pronounced "Starfucker," which is how they originally rendered their name before removing all the vowels). A great album by a great band that I've been a fan of for a few years now.


Finally! A cassette of my favorite album from my favorite band of the last decade. Got to see them a second time this past weekend as well. I really wish I saw them last year at The Vic, though. I digress. Celebration Rock is just such an amazing album and great when performed live. I can listen to this album straight through on a daily basis. There's not a bad song on it. God bless you, Brian and David. 

Wanna see something odd about these cassettes that was completely unintentional?


All the tapes are red! I don't think I've ever owned a red cassette and I managed to get three in a single day? What are the odds?


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Kevin Spencer

I really really really need to try Japandroids at some point.


You’ve been saying that for a while now. DO IT!

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