TBT: Thrawn...

Goals: July...

It was a good month for goal progress! Check it out.

1. Blog Play: All my blog categories have been condensed and my archives page has been restyled a bit. To give some sense of scope, I condensed more than 150 categories down to 26. That meant changing categories within individual posts and I have 4,364 total posts. Some could be done in bulk if they had the same categories and could all be changed at once, but there were still many that needed individual attention because I have a tendency of assigning multiple categories within a single post. This is a change you won't otherwise notice unless you check out the archives page linked above and in my top navigation bar. But it really helps me with posting and sorting. I may still try a few design-y things, but it’s otherwise done!

Now to look more into site search. Oy... site search.

2. Video Play: I finished two videos this month but am only counting one just in case, yanno, I fall behind at some point. So here’s how Nathan’s tee ball season went.

3. Music Play: Two bands this past month!

I discovered The Interrupters on Kimmel one night this past week and really enjoyed their ska punk sound very reminiscent of Mighty Mighty Bosstones and a little early No Doubt.


Check out their latest Fight the Good Fight!

But I also found that my second favorite band of the Pitchfork Music Festival was from a Philly group called Japanese Breakfast and their second album, last year’s Soft Sounds From Another Planet, is spectacular. [As a note, the band name is usually just viewed as a pseudonym for vocalist/writer/guitarist Michelle Zauner. But she's from Oregon and all accounts say "the band" is from Philly. So I'm attributing the band name as a reference to all of them, not just her.]


I can’t stress enough the importance of a healthy dose of Japanese Breakfast daily.

4. Camera Play: Macro Monday is still going.

5. Book Play: I finished my reading goal!


Here’s what I read in July:


Here’s what I’m currently reading (I was soooo close to finishing Thrawn: Alliances):


6. Comic Play: Four graphic novels read in July - Rai v3, Black Panther v2, Black Hammer v1, and Welcome Back v1.

7. Update Play: You’re reading it!

Progress on ALL FRONTS!! Yay!! Let's see if I can keep it up in August.


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Kevin Spencer

The Interrupters I've never heard of but would totally be my cup of tea I think. I know what I'm firing up Spotify with in the morning.


Let me know what you think.

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