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Do you remember a week ago when I was reminiscing about my old FunWithDeadTrees book review site? There actually was a reason for it beyond just taking a stroll down memory lane. 

That reason? To begin using that pseudonym again for book reviews on the Geeks of Doom website. As of tonight, upon publication of my first review, I’m officially a Contributing Geek! 


My first review is the audiobook of Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn. Check it out! 

I’m really stoked about this opportunity. Sure, I’ve been reviewing for Goodreads for a decade, but it’s not the same. There, I’m just one of thousands all contributing a different POV to a shared book. On GoD, I’m the only one reviewing that particular book. Or, at most, one of a couple if it’s a book that others want to review as well. 

I’m reading two more books for review purposes but those reviews won’t go live until the books are actually released. 

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