GOTGv2, redux...
TBT: Sunspots...


I guess you could say that we're kinda insular in our neighborhood. Sure, we see people and say "hi" or "how ya doin'?" or the like. But for the most part, we don't know many of our neighbors save for the ones immediately to either side of us and one set across the street and one guy a few houses down. 

Contrast this with our next-door neighbors who, during one conversation, just went to town talking about all these people and what they're up to and their opinions on this or that. Three quarters of the time, I had to stop him to request clarification to whom he was referring. He's only lived there two years. We've been in our place 14. 

I get the feeling, though, that our solitude will be shattering a bit with Nathan now in school. Still in just his first week, he's made two new friends in his class. Both of these people live on. our. street. Katie and I had no idea there were so many kids Nathan's age right around us.

It's not like we hide in our house. We do go outside. We go up to our park. We trick or treat in the neighborhood. And, yet, we've never seen them before.

Speaking of going to school, Nathan is loving Kindergarten. I mean seriously loving it. He was so excited when he got home. 


At what age does school become a chore? I want to skip over that age.