Macro Monday 2018.33...


Katie and I are watching an episode of House Hunters with a couple of hipster salon owners shopping for a vacation house in Charleston, SC, who are enraging me so much with their stupidity that it makes me want to drink. 

This is ironic considering the subject matter of this post. 

I've been realizing something of late, I cannot drink like I used to. Not that I don’t want to, I just can’t. 

This has moved beyond not having multiple drinks to having trouble finishing a single can/bottle of beer. I’ll start one, put it down, and then go back to clean it up and realize half the beer is still there and I just don’t want to finish it. Then I either force myself to drink what’s left or dump it out, which goes against the very core of my being. 

But, a single small drink or a taster flight or a finger or two of some good scotch and I’m golden. 

Yeah, that last one. I had a finger of 17 year Old Pulteney last week. Oh wow. I was blown away.


I need to save up to make a purchase like that. I can clearly make it last. 

I just saw the price online. Holy crap. Maybe I’ll wait.