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Eight years ago, Katie and I went on vacation to Disney World in Orlando. In addition to the Magic Kingdom, we also went to Animal Kingdom. 

That’s where we encountered the Tree Lady (I don’t know if that’s her official name or not), a 10-foot-tall woman consumed by foliage. 


I was mesmerized, as was Katie. I absolutely love how this shot turned out. 

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Aug 8
Do you remember a week ago when I was reminiscing about my old FunWithDeadTrees book review site? There actually was a reason for it beyond just taking a stroll down memory lane. That reason? To begin using that pseudonym again...
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Aug 10
A couple months ago, I created my ranking list for Disney/Pixar films. Then I realized that all I did was make a list. I gave no rationale for the rankings whatsoever. This might be a good time to remedy that....


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Suzanne Apgar

Her name is Miss Devine and I agree with you. She is absolutely FABULOUS! The first time we saw her, she played up to a young man with cerebral palsey who was confined to a wheel chair for about 10 minutes. He was having the time of his life. Everyone was in tears and clapped and cheered when she moved back into the shrubbery. I LOVE your picture, Kev!


I remember you telling me that story. Didn’t come to mind when I wrote this post, though. Oh well. Thanks on the photo.

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