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As I just finished Timothy Zahn’s brand spankin’ new Thrawn: Alliances book yesterday, I thought it would be cool to Throwback 26 years to the first book in the Star Wars Expanded Universe — Zahn’s Heir to the Empire.

This is the book that started a universe of books that continues today. And the one that initially introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn to the world  


This is one of the first Star Wars books I ever read. I loved it. The whole Thrawn trilogy, in fact. Thrawn remains one of my favorite SW characters ever. 


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Kevin Spencer

It's because of you that I read that original Thrawn trilogy and boy was it ever good. I'm finding his followup Thrawn duology hard work. I've picked up and put down Specter Of the Past about three times now.


I completely forgot about those two follow ups. Woah. I’m pretty sure I’ve read them but it’s been a long time. You should try the new Thrawn book.

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