Tu(n)esday: T69...
TBT: GameCube...


Yesterday marked the first anniversary of my employment at my new job. As stated on Twitter...

Why? Because I freakin' love it. No, I have no idea if my employer reads this blog. I have to assume someone there does, but I'm not saying it to appease the powers that be. I'm saying it because I mean it.

If I didn't mean it, I would have actually gone out with my wife and son to celebrate this anniversary. Instead, I'm at home for the third night this week working into the wee hours. And I'll probably be up early tomorrow morning like I was this morning trying to GSD (get shit done), as we like to say, in anticipation of a big project push tomorrow afternoon. Not big... frakkin' huge!

They say the early bird catches the worm, right? Well, I've got a mouthful of the squirmy little bastards.



I'm tired, but I love it. And it will pay off.

Plus I have chocolate, a Hendricks & lemonade, and fried rice. Wait! They're maggots!


It's time for bed.


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