Tu(n)esday/MFS: INXS...


If you’ve followed either my Instagram or Twitter accounts recently, you may have seen that we have a new houseguest. 


We've dubbed her Charlotte, for obvious reasons, and she first lived in our back kitchen window and then migrated to our back door frame. We only discovered the latter when Katie went to go out the door and nearly ran face first into her and her web. 


Typically, I would’ve killed her or, at the very least, used a hose to spray her away because I hate hate HATE spiders. But, for some reason, we’ve all been hypnotized by her and we watch her spin her web, break it down, re-build it, run around on it, catch food, eat food, and sleep. All this only because we have a double-paned sliding glass door between us. 

While we all would like our rear deck entrance back, I have a feeling we’ll all be a little sad when she’s gone. Watching her has been fun for all of us and a good learning experience for Nathan. 

She’s a gorgeous creature. I roughly ID’d her as a Cat Face Spider, although I’m questioning that call. If anyone knows better, please let me know.