Macro Monday 2018.36...


We’ve had our ins and outs and ups and downs with home technology. We still love our Nest Thermostat E and have had zero problems with it. Despite being gung-ho when we first setup our WiFi outlets, we quickly fell out of love. And now we barely use the three Amazon Echos (“Echii”?) that we have. 

I pretty quickly decided that home automation was a solution in  search of a problem and eradicated any future technologization (is that even a word?) plans from my honey-do list.

One thing that has been tangentially on my honey-do list, though, is our doorbell. It’s been broken for a decade and we really just haven’t given a damn about fixing it. No point at all, right?


With Nathan now having friends on our street and the possibility of random visits to our door, we decided it was time. And with the good luck my brother had with installation and being able to call out his FedEx guy on a shoddy delivery... 

...we thought it might be cool to try a Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Katie shopped around and found us a great deal and today, after I replaced the transformer on our old doorbell (because you still need an old doorbell system in place to make a Nest Hello function properly), we hooked it up!


After following a life-changingly simple step-by-step in-app setup and video from Nest, it works. Still gotta iron out a few settings bugs but...


...We see you!

Halloween should prove fun. 


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That's awesome! I really want a video doorbell too because like you I can't really see who is at the door without them seeing me first. Makes me anxious whenever someone is at the door.


I had the original Ring and loved it. I replaced it with Ring Pro and have had nothing but trouble. It keeps disconnecting and, of course, can't let you know or reconnect itself. As if that weren't bad enough, you have to OPEN THE UNIT in order to reconnect? Garbage. I like my Nest Cams okay (except the Nest Aware pricing) but heard that the Nest Hello has serious lag problems. Have you experienced this?

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