Do you have a personal or family book library? If yes, does every book you’ve ever read win up in it? Just the best? Do you ever pare back your collection? 

I’m asking because, like many of you, we do have a bookshelf on which we keep books we’ve read. Nathan has one in his room, too. 

At one point, we kept all our books on it. Then we needed a second bookshelf. And a third. 

That’s when we decided to pare it down. And again. And again. 

The way we figure it, there are so many good books out there and there’s not enough time to re-read old stuff unless it’s really good. The only book I’ve read twice has been Herbert’s Dune. We also keep books that have sentimental value like gifts and signed books of which we have many. 

But, otherwise, we try not to keep too many anymore. I’d rather sell them for in-store credit at a place like 2nd & Charles or give them to a friend or family member who might appreciate them and with instructions to pass them on afterwards. I do have another stack I’ll be trading in soon  

Are we weird in that we don’t hoard our books? Well, save for Nathan, that is. He has a ton of books. But those actually get re-read... a lot. 


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Kevin Spencer

I used to keep them all but had a purge before one move or another. Found it's rare for me to read a book twice so haven't missed them.


Yup! And if there’s something you do wanna read again? Libraries!

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