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So far today, I have received no less than a dozen SMS notifications, 25+ Instagram notifications, Lord-knows how many Apple News notifications, among other less important notifications on my iPhone.

I have both Government Alerts (AMBER Alerts and Emergency Alerts) turned on even though that's not supposed to play into it.


I also was not on a phone call at 1:18 CDT nor was my phone turned off.

And, yet, for some reason, neither Katie nor I received the infamous FEMA emergency alert notification on our phones today. Nor did a couple of my friends. Although everyone in my office seems to have received it.

Yup. Epic FEMA fail, indeed.

Hey, FEMA! I work in QA if you need a little help. Happy to lend my services for a, er, nominal fee. 


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Kevin Spencer

FWIW, I didn’t get the notification either. We were at an airport when it went out to everyone as all the phones chimed in unison. Except for mine. Don’t really care either way as I do have all the alerts turned off anyway - just thought that this one was “the one” that could not be turned off.


Like I said, my alerts are turned on and I still didn’t get it.

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