Macro Monday 2018.40...

Goals: September...

September is always a busy month for us. Between Nathan starting school and a new yearlong routine to his birthday to my company’s annual on-site celebration to whatever else, I was ready to let some goals go. Let’s see how I did.

1. Blog Play: Nothing. Just nothing. Oh well.

2. Video Play: I actually wrapped two videos this month — Nest and MSI. Neither were planned. Totally impromptu. But I like how they turned out. 

3. Music Play: As much as I’ve always loved 80s/90s hip-hop/rap acts like Run D.M.C., Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, and N.W.A., one act I never listened to was Eric B. & Rakim. I have no idea why. I just didn’t. 

I resolved that last week with a three-album flurry on Spotify.


Follow the Leader (1988)


Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em (1990)


Don’t Sweat the Technique (1992)

They were good. So good.

4. Camera Play: Macro Monday is still going.

5. Book Play: I’m really going to have to set my 2019 reading goal high, aren’t I?


Here’s what I finished reading in September:


Here’s what I’m currently reading:


Unfortunately, this last screen cap was nabbed after I marked Dracul as finished despite that technically being an October read based on finished date. So add one to the Currently Reading list.

6. Comic Play: One graphic novel read; 26 total!

7. Update Play: You’re reading it!

I’m hoping to improve my reading in October by a little bit. It struck me as a bit scant. And I’d also like to get a little search engine research done. I don’t really want to get it implemented so much, but just researched a bit. Oh, and at least one video done. I don’t see why that can’t be two, but who can say for sure?

Oh, I’m setting some lofty goals there, aren’t I?