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While I'm not happy that the holidays are approaching, I gotta admit that this is the most stoked I've been in a while for holiday film releases. Yes, this despite the fact that we've had Star Wars films released each of the last three holiday seasons and this is the first in which we won't.

I'm going to start with a few early November films that I feel are early enough that they shouldn't be included under the monikor of "Holiday Release," but I'm still looking forward to them.

Bohemian Rhapsody - November 2

Freddie Mercury... need I say more?

Overlord - November 9

World War II... zombie infection... Admittedly, I'm sick of zombie stuff, but this looks too cool to pass up.

The Grinch - November 9

This is more for Nathan than anything else, but it could be cute. I'm guessing this is more of an animated expansion of the original film kinda like the Jim Carrey one was to live action several years ago.

The rest of these start showing up in theaters on November 21. Much more aligned with "Holiday Release," don'cha think?

Creed II - November 21

I finally watched the original Creed just a week ago and it was amazing. Everything I'd hoped it would be. So I have to see this. C'mon... DRAGO!!!

Ralph Breaks the Internet - November 21

A sequel to my beloved Wreck-It Ralph? Yes, please!

Robin Hood - November 21

I'm kinda torn on this and, given the choice between yet another Robin Hood film and just about anything else, this would go bye-bye. But it's Taron Egerton and he's pretty awesome. So I can't really just rule it out.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - December 14

This is another film about which I'm not 100% sold. But it could be fun. I do wonder, however, if it's going to be appropriate for Nathan.

Mary Poppins Returns - December 19

A sequel to Mary Poppins seems wholly unnecessary, if I'm being completely honest here. But Emily Blunt looks so good in the trailer that I feel compelled to give it a fair shake.

Welcome to Marwen - December 21

A guy gets beaten nearly to death and, as a result, retreats into a world of therapy dolls that he brings to life and then actually enters their world? Steve Carell is arguably one of the better comedians-turned-dramatic actors of our age so it could rock. Or it could depress me to the edge of sanity. I dunno.

Aquaman - December 21

I really want this to be good. I do. I truly do. I like Jason Momoa and, even though I prefer the blonde-haired Aquaman to this version, I'll give it a shot. Well, at least until I start to read some reviews. Then I'll re-evaluate this decision accordingly. Wonder Woman is the lone shining light in a world of drab, icky DC Comics movies of late.

Bumblebee - December 21

I have seen two of the Michael Bay-era Transformers films and didn't care for either of them. Despite this, Bumblebee so far looks like my most anticiapted movie of the holiday season. How twisted is that? Seriously, though, Bee is the best Transformer and this looks like a good mix of action and cute humor.

Vice - December 25

I had never even heard of this movie until a couple weeks ago when I saw a picture of Christian Bale as Dick Cheney. I was blown away. So I checked out the trailer and saw Steve Carell, again, doing some monster dramatic work as Donald Rumsfeld, along with Amy Adams and Sam Rockwell. I'm sold.

What about you? What films are you looking forward to seeing?


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