Reddit (again)...

A few years ago or so, I got into Reddit, the so-called "front page of the internet." For those not in the know, it's officially described as a "social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website."


Basically this means that you go there to read what others have posted in topic-based sections known as subreddits and you can submit your own content either as comments on existing threads or as unique posts within a subreddit.

I did this mostly because of the Star Wars Card Trader and other Topps digital card trading apps I was heavily involved in and there were subreddits dedicated to the games for the purposes of finding good traders or further advertising what you have or want. I quit all the Topps apps as well as Reddit some time ago. No real reason to go, I suppose.

However, earlier this week, I went back to Reddit I think because of a link a coworker sent me and that's when I went traipsing around looking at some of the other subreddits and discovered:

  • r/cassetteculture - a hangout for fans of music on cassettes
  • r/cassettes - "a place for cassette lovers to unite" although I've found this to be more about equipment for playback and recording than for the actual music
  • r/hiphoptapes - need I say more?
  • r/CassetteSwap - a sub for trading cassettes


Oh it's so great! I love reading what other people have found or seeing photos of the tapes and equipment and drooling. Or being reminded of tapes I used to own. I love it.

This cassette love thing can get a little nuts.

I am happy they finally have a Reddit-branded iPhone app. That AlienBlue app, or whatever it was called, kinda sucked.


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Kevin Spencer

They actually bought Alien Blue. So the official app is an offshoot of it.


But they made it so much better. I remember it being really tough to navigate before.

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