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No, that's not some obscure reference to a tarantula. It's my next Rankings list! Seeing that director Quentin Tarantino is vowing to retire after 10 cinematic directorial turns, it seemed kinda fun to do a ranking of his 10 and title it by mashing his name with the number 10. So Tarantino + 10 = Taran10o. I thought it was clever, anyway.

Notes about this ranking list, only 8 of the 10 movies have been released so far. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (film 9) comes out next year and I haven't heard anything about number 10. There are also 2 of these 8 that I have not seen. They are The Hateful Eight (started; couldn't finish) and Death Proof (I just keep forgetting to watch this film).

1. Pulp Fiction - A+
This was my first QT movie before I even knew who he was or what kind of films he was capable of making. I was in college and a bunch of friends wanted to check it out so we went. We were blown away (as were many of the characters). Plus, QT pretty much redefined movie soundtracks with the accompanying album. 

2. Inglourious Basterds - A
I could easily argue this one right up into the top spot on this list. I love this movie that much. Actually, it's my love of WWII period pieces (even fictional ones; think Captain America: The First Avenger) rearing its ugly head. To be honest, I always felt like this story was the sort of secret mission that may have been lost (or covered up) by the annals of time. Until one scene, that is. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. That one scene took away any perceived historical viability, but I love it all the same.

3. Kill Bill (vol 1 and 2 are counted together) - A-
I just re-watched this a couple weeks ago for the first time since it was initially released on home video. I remember enjoying the heck out of it then. But now I just love it. It's such a good revenge flick incorporating some Eastern mysticism, a metric ton of martial arts choreography, a dash of anime style visual effects, and even some full blown animation. Probably one of the greatest roles Uma Thurman has ever played. 

4. Reservoir Dogs - B
I have only seen this movie once -- way back during my late undergrad years -- but I loved it. Dogs was, after all, the movie that introduced us to QT and his violent, stylish filmmaking. I should give it another go, though. Just to remind myself what it was all about.

5. Jackie Brown - B-
I watched Jackie Brown for the first time in grad school when I took a class about books adapted for film. Around this time, Hollywood was really digging into Elmore Leonard's vast library of novels and this was one such adaptation, having been based on his novel Rum Punch (a great book in its own right). But, like Dogs, I should really watch this one again. 


[image from Tribeca Shortlist: Outtakes]

6. Django Unchained - C+
This one will probably rain down the hate upon me, but I just never was a fan of this film. I was bored and struggling to enjoy any of it even with Christoph Waltz co-starring in it and Leo DiCaprio playing a bad guy. I won't go so far as to say it was terrible. But I have no personal desire, at this time, to see it again and allow it another chance.

What about you? 


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Pulp Fiction
Inglourious Basterds
Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
Jackie Brown
Django Unchained
Hateful Eight
Reservoir Dogs
Death Proof

And lest you think I was copying your order... my list circa 2009:


Wow. Not bad, dude.

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