TBT: Phone...

Today, we bid a fond farewell to our home phone. Remember these? We all used to have them but more and more people do not anymore. 


We held on to our home phone longer than most. In fact, we’ve had this number since Katie and I moved in together back in 2001. 

As of tonight, it’s gone. 

As part of our research into a replacement home entertainment plan, we discovered that our home phone, which we never use, was costing us $44/month. Why, oh why, were we doing that to ourselves? Why would anyone? And why didn’t we do this sooner?

No decisions have been made on our internet and television. But this helps. A lot. 


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Ours doubles as a business line.It's also the number we give out when we have to give out a number, hopefully directing all of the "junk" calls that way instead of to our cells.


That last reason of yours — about junk calls — was why I was willing to keep it too. But we get so many junk calls on our cells anymore anyway. I just don’t answer and then block it. So much easier to do that on a cell phone than trying and failing to do it on a landline.


We had a home phone until earlier this year. It was through MagicJack since it was cheaper (around $40 per year). No one but our parents ever called it, though, so I let it lapse after our paid up period ended. Interestingly enough, we still get voicemails on the line (which get routed to my email) to this day even though we no longer pay for the service. It's only spam calls, though.


That’s very weird.

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