Macro Monday 2018.48...


Because of the predicted snowmageddon, we decided to lay low and stay home all day. Basically, big plans to do absolutely nothing. 

We made cookies. 

We built a LEGO Hulkbuster set. 

We introduced Nathan to Sorry: the Game. 

We watched some kids movies.

We also tried to watch some Christmas movies. 

Oddly, Nathan wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Christmas movies. Wha whaaaa??

The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix? Nope.

The Santa Clause? Nyet. 

Charlie Brown Christmas? Nein.

The Cat in the Hat Christmas? Non.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Nuh-uh.

Aren't all kids supposed to dig Christmas movies?? Something is not right when the parents are into it more than the kid. 

On a related note, it says something strange about our society when, upon searching for “Santa Cla-” on IMDb, autocomplete comes up first with a flesh-eater series on Netflix.


It totally deserves to be first because Santa Clarita Diet is awesome. But still weird. 


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