Goals: October...

I think October fared pretty well for me. Take a poke around below and let me know what you think!

1. Blog Play: Nothing with a new search engine. But I am working on some JavaScript accordions to help clean up a couple of my static content pages. They’re not quite ready for public consumption so hang tight.

2. Video Play: It only took until October to finish my summer recap. Could’ve been worse, right? But I did go ahead and create a second video about our mini October snowstorm.

3. Music Play: Greta Van Fleet’s debut LP Anthem of the Peaceful Army seemed like a solid choice to me. I first heard them on 93XRT earlier in the month and liked the single. Then I heard another single and liked it. But the album as a whole didn’t really do it for me. Seemed like a bit of overkill of their 70s vibe. Maybe smaller doses.


Next up was was one of my analog acquisitions... Poetic Justice by Lillian Axe. I had never listened to this band before despite a lifelong love of 80s metal. It’s good. Really good. I may have to look up more. Or just punch it in on Spotify.


4. Camera Play: Macro Monday is still going.

5. Book Play: I have more than doubled my reading goal!


Here’s what I finished reading in October. 11 books in a month is a new record for me!



Here’s what I’m currently reading:

Oh wait, as I finished two books yesterday, I have no active reads. I suppose I better fix that.

6. Comic Play: 8 graphic novels read; 34 total!

7. Update Play: You’re reading it!

So? Yay? Me thinks so!

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Kevin spencer

My reminder that I should really start reading this year. Oh hey it's November.


It’s never too late.

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