Goals: October...


I took the day off work today so I could go into Nathan’s classroom and be a “Mystery Reader.” That is in the middle of the day, though, dividing it into two awkward halves. 

So what do I do with those two halves? My own honey-do list! And I thought it might be fun to do a running recap of my progress. 

Here’s the list...


And, since I’m typing this as I take my walk, that’s one down...


Keep up and see how I do with my honey-do. 

Update - 11:08 am

Four more down. A bunch to go. 


I also went to the local Salvation Army and an estate sale, for kicks. Found some cool stuff! Check...


From the SalArmy, we have (left to right) MTV Party To Go Vol. 5, Bush Sixteen Stone, Tina Turner Provate Dancer, and a 20-year-old bio of Pearl Jam titled Five Against One by Kim Neely.

Back with more updates soon.

Update - 3:29 pm

Eight down, four to go. And a couple of those are works in progress.


Stay tuned. I still have time. 

Update - 4:48 pm

Eleven down. No, not the Eggo-loving girl from Stranger Things. I mean 11 of 12 of my tasks.


Oh, and I talked on taking down our Halloween decorations. So that’s like 12 things done.

The only one left is...


And that’s simply a reference to a graphic novel I wanted to start/finish today. Not sure it will happen. We’ll see. Maybe while we eat dinner.

I gotta go pick up Nathan from his after-school program. 

Consider this my final update on this post!


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