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I don’t get it. Being parents, Katie and I have seen our in-theater moviegoing decrease dramatically. Or, at least, that’s how it feels. 

Y’see, I’ve started to keep a running tally of the movies I’ve seen that come out each year so my life is easier when I pick my favorite movies of the year. I used to just go back in and check out Wikipedia's annual movie release list and build from there. But doing it as the year goes on is so much easier. 

Now, I’m looking at this running list and realizing that I still really do see movies in the theater a lot more often than it seems. Check this out...



That’s 18 movies in theaters. Not like the old days, but not bad at all in the grand scheme of things. And we still have a month left. 

Additionally, here are 2018 movies we saw on home video...


These are the other movies I want to see this year...


Halloween, Peppermint, and Robin Hood likely won’t happen since they’re all pretty much gone from theaters already and I doubt they’ll be on video in time to see before the list is developed.

Why do I have to be such a movie lover??


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Kazza the Blank One

I used to go to the movies a lot more. I've seen two movies at cinemas this year...


Was it an active cutback decision or just nothing that intrigued you?

Kevin Spencer

I go see about 3 movies a year and it's always with my work team. We'll go see the new Marvel or Star Wars movie de jour. As for my wife and I? We almost never go to the movies anymore. I dunno, date nights for us tend to be restaurant & bar affairs. So anything we do watch is always at home.


Katie and I would like to see more together, we just don’t. I guess I should’ve specified in this post that not too many of the theatrical films were her and I, except cartoons which also include Nathan, of course.

Marty Mankins

Since we have a movie theater complex that's at most, a 20 min walk from our house, we tend to go to more movies at the theater. But my wife loves Redbox and rents a good twice as many movies that we see in the theater. A good number of the movies you listed above are ones that we've seen in either the theater or Redbox. And a good number of the Redbox movies are because we have a coupon for $1.50 off or free.


I think we’d do Redbox if we could somehow guarantee we’d watch them that night.

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