Kevin's 7: Music '18...


I was heading home from the theater — Katie sent me out to see Bohemian Rhapsody before it leaves the big screen — and I called to see if I needed to pick up anything before I got there.

Nathan picked up the phone. 

We talked for a bit and then he said, “Okay, Daddy, bye-bye! Oh wait... au revoir!!”

“Wait a second... did you just say ‘au revoir’?”


”When did you learn French??”

”Daddy... I know things. Okay, bye... er, au revoir!”

”Bye, buddy!”

I almost had to pull over in my car I was laughing so hard.

On a related aside, I think I just saw my movie of the year. Jesus. Rami Malek was singularly amazing. 



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Oh yea, he was fantastic! I really loved the movie.


Soooo amazing!

Kazza the Blank One

I was totally sold on Gwilym Lee as Brian May.
Loved the movie, even though they fudged things a bit.


Lee was fantastic. And, yes, they fudged some stuff. But the thing complained about most — Freddie’s revelation that he has AIDS — didn’t hold up to me. People complained he didn’t reveal it until well after Live Aid. A day before he died, actually. But, in the movie, he only revealed it to his band and manager, not the world. They never showed his public reveal. Did they?

Kazza the Blank One

General consensus is he was diagnosed in 86 or 87


Ah, then still off but not as badly as it may have seemed.

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