Kevin’s 7: Podcasts ‘18...

Goals: November...

This year is almost done! Holy heck. How did that happen so quickly. Time to start thinking of 2019 goals. Yikes!

1. Blog Play: Just the accordions on my Rankings page that I alluded to earlier this month. 

2. Video Play: I went above and beyond again! Two more videos this past month with In Case You Know and Reading.

3. Music Play: This last month was more of the ol’ “it’s new to me” fun! Both were gifted cassettes from my boss. First up is The Light at the End of the Tunnel two-tape compilation from The Damned.


Next is Twist of Shadows from XYMOX.


Both are great albums but I’m so new to them that I can’t really say much about the style and sound. If you like mid/late-80s British punk (they’re still around and released an album this year) and Dutch electronic goth, respectively.

4. Camera Play: Macro Monday is still going.

5. Book Play: While not nearly as impressive as my 11 books in October, I'm still pretty happy with my reading output in November. 


Here’s what I finished in November. Thankfully I didn't stick with the zero with which I started the month. But four is not much more than zero.


Here’s what I’m currently reading:


6. Comic Play: 3 graphic novels read; 37 total.

7. Update Play: You’re reading it!

December... bring it!