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Let the madness begin!!!! Yes, it’s actually time to begin my Kevin’s 7 year-in-review lists. I know I say this pretty much every year, but how are we here already??

I’m starting this year with one of my toughest lists to compile. Not in the traditional sense of “toughest” where there’s just so much going on that it becomes impossible to pare it down effectively. More like there is so little I’m doing with it lately that I almost decided to overlook the category altogether. 

Yeah, I quit listening to at least a half dozen podcasts this past year and only added two new ones to the rotation. Basically, what it amounts to is that Podcasts ‘18 barely made the Kevin’s 7 cut because I only listen to seven podcasts. Gah.

So howsabout I get this going, eh?

7. You’re Killing Me with Patrick Renna (SoundCloud)

There aren’t too many general life podcasts I listen to anymore. However, I discovered Renna’s Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier this year and he announced a podcast where he and his buddy Justin Mooney talk about... anything. I like Renna and his stories are fun without being too self-involved. You probably know him as Hamilton “Ham” Porter on Sandlot. He and Mooney are good on this weekly podcast. 


6. Triviality (website)

While I still like my four fellow Chicagolanders and their pub-style approach to running a trivia podcast, I find myself skipping episodes here and there especially when it’s a bonus episode on a subject I know little to nothing about. They also introduced a Game of Death four-episode special series that held my interest for one episode before it was no longer fun to play along with. Oh well, can’t win them all.


5. Lore (website)

It amazes me that Lore has topped my podcast list for two straight years and now it drops to number five. I blame that partially on its success. Now host and creator Aaron Mahnke finds himself in charge of a related book series, an Amazon Prime limited television series, and two other shorter podcasts. I feel this has taken away from his focus and made the episodes a little less fun to listen to and not nearly as compelling. I almost feel like I’m tuning in out of necessity moreso than interest and that never bodes well for continued listening. Just look at last year’s list compared to this one. Several non-returners.


4. Going to the Show with a Regular Guy (website)

I’ve always liked this three-minute movie review segment on 93.1 FM WXRT Chicago. But I wind up missing it more often than not because I’m not in the car when it airs. So, of course, I was jazzed when it was released as a podcast. But it’s release is inconsistent at best. Sometimes they’ll go a month or more without releasing any and then drop three or four at once. That’s fine, but with the fickle nature of the box office, they could wind up airing an episode after the film has left theaters.


3. Podquiz (website)

This weekly trivia podcast is now at episode 722 or so. Yes, weekly! That puts it at approximately 13.5 years old. And I’ve been listening consistently since episode 14. It’s the only podcast that I’ve stuck with 100% faithfully even when question topics don’t interest me. And I won’t stop because Katie and I love to listen to it together. That’s a huge win.


2. Today, Explained (Vox.com)

Sean Rameswaram’s podcast presents a single topic approach to presenting the daily news. Seriously, one topic is selected and a subject matter expert comes on the air with Sean to discuss it. The great thing is they’re never old news. Almost always, day-of topics are presented and I love it. But being daily every weekday at about 20-30 minutes each, I do find myself skipping the occasional podcast due to a lack of interest.


1. Song Exploder (website)

No matter what, Hrishikesh Hirway’s breakdown of how songs are made remains of vital interest to a music fan like myself. What’s really awesome is that it doesn’t get old. The only episodes I skip are ones where old episodes are played again. I don’t really need to hear those for a second time, although, admittedly a second play of those is often times better than a first listen to episodes of other podcasts. Just sayin’! And this podcast finds itself bumped up to to the top spot after being in second place last year and fourth the year before that.


Do you Podcast? Let me know what you think!