When you have a job you love, putting in a little extra time at night and on weekends is not so big a deal. You love your company, you want it to succeed, you know that you play a role in that success. And my company gives me the freedom and technology to do just that. I can even work from home during normal working hours should the need arise.

The issue comes up in that I don't have a dedicated office at home. We used to have one. It was our second bedroom. But, yanno, that not-so-little-anymore guy named Nathan came along and our office became his nursery became his bedroom. While I wouldn't trade that for anything, a kitchen table is not always the most comfortable and conducive place to work.

So, on occasion, I head to the Library or Starbucks or Panera to work. The other night, I did just that. I had some stuff to QC for work so Katie told me to go to Panera and get some uninterrupted work done (and pick up her free bagel o' the day as she was recently awarded a free month of bagels). 

I went; and I got some serious work done. 

After a while, I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:15. Seeing as I had been there for two hours, I felt it was time to go home. So I packed up my laptop, plucked out my earbuds, threw on my jacket, and got up to go. 

As I walked to the front door, I passed by the bakery and saw that there was nothing in the display case at all. Then the two girls wiping down everything stopped and stared at me. I gave them an inquisitive look back and went out the door.

That's when it dawned on me...

I took out my phone and Googled "Panera" and the results told me that my closest one -- the one I was leaving -- closed at 9 p.m. I was in there 15 minutes past closing and no one saw me. Not a soul. I was completely left alone in there. If they had made some sort of announcement, I didn't hear it because I was jamming to some Twin Shadow through semi-noise cancelling earbuds.

I kinda wonder, now, how long it would have been before they finally came out to clean the dining room at which point they, hopefully, would have seen me and sent me packing. 


I coulda gone all Career Opportunities up in that place. Remember that movie? 


I had the biggest crush on Jennifer Connelly after that movie. 

Scary how little Target has changed on the inside in the 27 years since this movie was released, isn't it?

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Dec 19
Mark Rober... you're my hero! You deserve a Time Magazine Person of the Year award for this... Oh. My. God.
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Dec 21
A few weeks ago, my parents gave Nathan a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Bear in mind that, aside from LEGO Star Wars shorts and the new anime-styled Star Wars scene recreations that air sporadically on Disney XD, my son...


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Indeed, although my Target recently completed a renovation and no longer looks like that. I'm still getting used to the new layout and am not fond of how they split up certain sections in the grocery area to force you to go to multiple aisles in order to buy like items.

Never heard of that movie but now I'm intrigued...


I remember Career Opportunities being a lot of fun but we all know how it goes for movies for which you have fond memories but have not seen in a quarter century...

Kevin Spencer

Using noise cancelling headphones while in a public place is weird isn't it? You are completely oblivious to everyone and everything. I worked from Starbucks the other day and after a bit I just pulled the headphones out as it felt a little too disconnected.


It’s very weird. Sometimes I take them out because I feel lonely. But this place had been so noisy that I left them in.

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