Macro Monday 2018.49...


We got the news at 1:30 this morning. Well, actually, we were asleep when the email came in and the social media posts went live... Nathan’s school district was officially on strike. 

It was the same old/same old. Pay, benefits, steady increases in pay, yadda, yadda. It never changes, honestly. 

The hope, though, was that this potential strike receiving as much press coverage as it was in the days leading up and being a highly lauded district in the State of Illinois, that all efforts would be made to avoid it. 


[photo courtesy of the Daily Herald]

Both sides claim they did everything. I’m suspect of those claims. 

If both sides had done “everything,” this would’ve been taken care of over the summer. Anytime kids pay by losing out on educational opportunities, I’m not struck that “everything” was done.

My thought is that this is going to do nothing more than make both sides look bad. One for wanting more and the other for not wanting to give more. 

A strike is a lose-lose-lose situation, straight up. And the ones who suffer most are the kids. 

Thankfully Nathan is only in kindergarten so he’s not as readily affected in terms of his education.

But what about high schoolers who are working toward academic and athletic scholarships? No afterschool programs or clubs can meet during the strike. No sports practices or games can be held. Those are automatic forfeits. Imagine if this was playoff time. Heck, if it’s not resolved, that could still be a possibility. 

I support our teachers, but I despise this approach to doing it.