Taped 06...

I’ve discovered that I have a few recent batches of additions to my cassette collection that have not been featured here. Would you be cool if I just do them all in one fell swoop?

Batch 1


These were found at my local Salvation Army. In addition to MTV Party to Go, volume 5; Tina Turner’s Private Dancer; and a near immaculate copy of Bush’s Sixteen Stone, I found a 20-year-Old biography of Pearl Jam. Not a single thing here was more than $1.

Batch 2


Ohhhhhh!! This one is the mother lode. All these 80s/90s punk, synthpop, and industrial albums were given to me by my boss. Such amazing stuff here and so much I’d never heard before receiving these. I’ve been trying to focus on listening to the new-to-me stuff. It’s an awakening. 

Batch 3


These represent my latest batch of trades. Some of my all-time favorite albums are in this cluster including Living Colour Vivid, Queensrÿche Empire, The Cult Sonic Temple, Faith No More The Real Thing, FYC The Raw & The Cooked, and... oh my god, this is basically just my personal best haul. 

Hey, if you have cassettes you want to unload, drop me a line. Let’s talk. 

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Kevin Spencer

Many great albums in batch 2. Wow.


I had a feeling you’d take to that batch.


Did you see they're selling cassettes now at Target? They don't appear to be selling anything to play them in though.


They did carry a Walkman that was sold out before Black Friday. Yeah, they have five cassettes overall — G’n’R Appetite for Destruction, Bob Marley Exodus, Britney Spears Hit Me Baby, and Guardians of the Galaxy v1&2. I got Brit from them and it’s in my stocking, already have both Guardians, and enough Marley tapes and G’n’R already. Although I’d still like the Appetite because it’s a limited edition purple cartridge. If you find that, let me know. I haven’t been able to yet and online it’s not for sale unless that has changed.

Marty Mankins

You are building quite the collection. I need to dig my cassettes out and document what I have. I know our local record store - Graywhale Records - is starting to get a decent selection of cassettes in. I have a single Sony Walkman that needs repair (a rubber belt that I can only find via online from some site in Hong Kong) before I can listen to cassettes again.


It’s worth it!

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