10 Years...

It’s kinda all over Instagram today... people comparing photos of themselves from today with photos from 10 years ago, presumably as close to the day as possible. 

I decided to use my comp photos as a blog post instead of on Instagram. 

The first is one of my favorite photos of Katie and me taken by our sister-in-law Becca in Chicago when we all went to a Blackhawks game. 


The second is from tonight at our third Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event.


Sure, I’ve put on some weight, I have less head hair, more facial hair, more gray hair, etc.

But, more importantly, Katie and I have Nathan. Someone we never thought we’d have in our lives. 

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Jan 12
Sorry, folks. I’d love to take a moment to give you some big, great blog post but I’m too busy defending my house from an oncoming hoard of zombies... BRB... if I survive!!!! #MyNewObsession
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Kevin Spencer

Love those pics.

I was teasing my wife yesterday that she doesn't look a single bit different whereas I'm now a decade into having a beard which has all kinds of gray in it.


Yours and my beard. All kinda of gray. And not even the cool salt and pepper type.

Marty Mankins

Those 10 year pics are awesome.


Did you see the one from Zombieland the movie?

Marty Mankins

I did. I'm hoping the second movie will be just as good. I really liked the first Zombieland.


Zombieland rocks my world.

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