Yesterday, a coworker scheduled a 9 a.m. meeting. For many, that’s no big deal, but our workday starts at 8:30 and she’s offset by an hour living in the Mountain time zone like she does. So I was joking that we might not be able to make that happen. 

She replied with, “Come ready with coffee.”

I teased, “You’re the project manager... manage that project!”

Then she asked what I drink. So I told her an extra hot vanilla latte. And promptly forgot about the exchange.

This morning, prior to the meeting, she Slacked me and the other guy involved in the call a copy of the electronic receipt from DoorDash and said to expect it in a few minutes. 

I protested that I was just kidding with her and, when we got on the call, she told me she knew I was joking but she suddenly had a desire to see if coffee could, in fact, be delivered. It can, so she did. 


And that set my (good) mood for the entire day. 

How was your Friday?