Taped 07...


While clearing through our bookshelf, I discovered I had two books there that have been on my shelf, unread, for two decades. 

Twenty freaking years!

The first was purchased during Katie’s and my first trip to San Francisco in 1999. We went to a little bookshop in the middle of nowhere and I bought The Last Temptation of Christ by Nikos Kazantzakis.


I got it mostly because I loved the shop and wanted to give them some cash. But also because I was enrolled in a class in grad school about the films of Martin Scorsese and this movie hit me hard. 

The second, I think, dates to 1998, also in grad school. One of the RAs who worked for me got me into my second coming with comic books. This one is more of a surprise as I swore I had read it but now when I look at it, I know I have not. It is Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta.


Even weirder is that I also realized I had never seen the movie version of V. This I resolved a couple weeks ago. Damn, that was a good movie. 

Has anything spent an excessive amount of time, unread, on your bookshelf?