Macro Monday 2019.03...


When you're a kid, you can never seemingly get enough days off school. You looked forward to every weekend, counted the days between irregular holidays, and prayed for snow during the winter.

Now, as an adult, I'm seeing that it's mostly the opposite. Weekends aren't a big deal. However, unshared holidays and snow days and other unexpected/unwanted events are a pain in the arse. Katie and I both work full time and, of course, Nathan's school vacation schedule doesn't always match up to what we have off.

A full week off at Thanksgiving? Nope, but we made it work.

Two and a half weeks off at Christmas? Not normally, but Katie took it off to run down her PTO and I wound up being given some of the time off by my boss because the company was doing really well.

Presidents' Day? MLK Day? Nope and nope.

And then there was the totally unwanted weeklong teacher's back in December. Oh, don't get me started on that one.

As my mom's full-time job was being a mom to my brother and me (thanks, mom!), I never really considered it a problem when I was a kid. Or, at least, I didn't recognize it as a problem. My mom was always there, although I'm sure she would not have minded escaping my brother and me every once in a while. 

As a household of two outside working adults, it sucks. But Katie and I make it work. Tomorrow, I expect I'll be sitting at the kitchen table getting work done while Nathan is entertaining himself, all to honor our late, great civil rights champion. I won't work a full day. I'll take some time off here and there. Maybe get Nathan out of the house and to the comic shop, the local bakery, and some lunch. Some boy time. It will likely look a little something like this at some point tomorrow...


I'm thankful I work for a company that allows us that sort of freedom and provides us with the technology to make it happen. 

Bring it on, Monday.


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