Puzzle 01...

Katie and I (unofficially) resolved to build more puzzles this years. “More”? How many more? Considering we haven’t done a puzzle since either before Nathan was born or, maybe, his first year of life when he wasn’t mobile and couldn’t steal a piece and eat it, anything is “more.”

We finished our first earlier today. A Christmas gift from Katie’s brother and his wife. 

Howsabout some evolution photos?




The yellow circle indicated a piece that was lost and, thankfully, later found. Phew.



On to puzzle 2!

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Kazza the Blank One

Very nice!
And omfg I really need to remember to Office Lens-ify my jigsaw photos..!!


Thanks! “Office Lens-ify”? Is that the app for whiteboards?

Kazza the Blank One

yeah, the app you put me on to :)


Did I? Ha! I had to take it off my old iPhone because I ran out of space and hadn’t been using it regularly. Haven’t put it back on since but that’s a good idea for puzzle photography!

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