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We now have two Roku SEs hooked up in our house and tied into Hulu, Netflix, MoviesAnywhere, Disney Now, And a couple other services that we’re trying out and you wanna know what we have not used (much) in weeks? 


We’ve had our season passes recording as they’ve kicked back on this new year and we haven’t watched any of them on DirecTV. 

We have, however, been looking these episodes up on Hulu. The audio and video quality is so far superior to what records on DirecTV. The responsiveness of the Roku controller for functions like pausing, flash rewinding, etc., is second to none. 


The only thing we’re missing is CBS shows and that’s like 50-60% of our TV viewing because CBS has their own streaming app and don’t share their shows with Hulu.

At the rate things are going, we may ditch DirecTV entirely and pick up CBS All Access and be done with it. 

Wow. How quickly minds can be changed. 


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Do you have the commercial free version of Hulu? Because we don't, so I much prefer to watch my shows off the DVR, and only choose Hulu if the DVR recording gets messed up, which does happen occasionally. I bet Hulu would gain a ton of more subscribers if CBS was included. I hate how they have a separate service, and also that I can access their shows due to my cable subscription, but I have to watch them on a tablet instead of my TV. Very annoying when there's two people trying to watch!


Blame CBS for the separate service. And NBC just announced they’re starting one in 2020. So that won’t be on Hulu anymore either. We have the commercial version of Hulu because it was a Black Friday deal for 12 months at $0.99 per month. I can deal with those commercials especially since nearly all of my DirecTV recordings are glitchy right now. I also like the counter telling me how many more commercials there will be. Also, you can fast forward through them. You just need to have good timing.

Marty Mankins

My daughter just replaced her 3rd gen Apple TV with a Roku Express (it was on sale over the holidays for $25). And she signed on for the 99 cent a month Hulu subscription deal.

On the Roku, I like that it comes with a remote where you can channel surf. My biggest complaint about the 4th gen Apple TV is there are not up and down buttons for channels (just volume).

As for the CBS All Access, it's $5.99 a month, which I'm sure is cheaper than the DirecTV subscription.


Yeah. Way cheaper. And I’ve heard nothing but complaints about the new Apple TV remote.

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