TBT: Duet...


We now have two Roku SEs hooked up in our house and tied into Hulu, Netflix, MoviesAnywhere, Disney Now, And a couple other services that we’re trying out and you wanna know what we have not used (much) in weeks? 


We’ve had our season passes recording as they’ve kicked back on this new year and we haven’t watched any of them on DirecTV. 

We have, however, been looking these episodes up on Hulu. The audio and video quality is so far superior to what records on DirecTV. The responsiveness of the Roku controller for functions like pausing, flash rewinding, etc., is second to none. 


The only thing we’re missing is CBS shows and that’s like 50-60% of our TV viewing because CBS has their own streaming app and don’t share their shows with Hulu.

At the rate things are going, we may ditch DirecTV entirely and pick up CBS All Access and be done with it. 

Wow. How quickly minds can be changed.