War, redux...


Have you ever been reading a book and, after however many pages, you asked yourself why you were wasting the time reading it?

What if you were reading a novel and a graphic novel as well as listening to an audiobook all at the same time and found that all three of them were boring you to tears? At what point do you pass the point of no return where you may as well finish despite the boredom? 

Yeah, this is happening to me right now, if you can believe it. One physical novel, one physical graphic novel, and one audiobook and I really am disliking them all. The sad thing is that the audiobook is a book I've been wanting to read for many years and is considered a classic of the form and, now that I actually am reading it, I don't like it.


I'm about halfway through the graphic novel and only a third of the way through the novel. The audiobook? I'm about 80% done with. I think I may finish the audiobook just to be able to say I did. But I may cut ship with the other two. I just can't bring myself to finish them and realize that I've lost that much of my life. It's still early enough in the month that I can make up the novel reading so I'm still on track with my annual goal, right? 

First-world problems, eh?