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I’ve said it before, but I have never identified as Democrat or Republican. I staunchly refused to do so as I have views that straddle that proverbial fence. Instead, I vote for the candidates. 

I still do this. But the funny thing is that, given the ridiculous behavior of Republicans in office currently and their constituents, I find myself less able or willing to identify with them than ever before. 

In fact, this past November, I voted straight-ticket Democrat for the first time in my life. And it wasn’t even intentional. I looked at my ballot when all was said and done and saw nothing but “D” next to all of them. Woah, mind blown. 


And with how much worse the attacks against Dems have gotten and how indefensible the rhetoric has become, I’m not sure I see this changing anytime soon. 

As far as I’m concerned, the Republican Party is dead and buried.



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Marty Mankins

As a life long Democrat (well, since I was 18 years old), I've never voted straight ticket. I've always researched candidates and will happily vote for the ones who I feel have the people they intend to represent as their reason for being an elected official.

Living in Utah, I tend to vote mostly Democrat just due to how most of this state in run by the GOP. But there are GOP candidates from some years back that I was impressed by and was happy to vote for them (and even happier they ended up representing all constituents.


It makes me happy knowing your research before voting.

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