Macro Monday 2019.04...
WFH 2...


I fell down the rabbit hole known as Google Maps... again. Gawd, I need to stop doing that.

This time, I was scanning around the Washington, D.C., area for whatever reason and I decided to look for the Metro line out to Reagan that I took to pick up Katie when she came out to meet me for a business trip back in 2004. As I was looking in Map view, I noticed the Pentagon and zoomed in on it.

Google Maps - Pentagon

As I zoomed, I noticed map pins pop up for different offices of the high and mighty in our defense community. Then I saw map pins show up for KFC, Panda Express, Subway, Starbucks, Popeye's, Taco Bell, and CVS. 

I thought maybe it was a joke. Or advertising gone awry. Like some jackass marketing firm, in an attempt to provide better promotional placement for corporations that clearly don't need it, placed map pins on the Pentagon because... why not?

Then I Googled it and found that the Pentagon, in fact, has five freakin' food courts! Five! Spread amongst those, they have 24 fast and fast-casual restaurants. I think the Pentagon has more local restaurants than my college town did when I was attending (not anymore, though; they've built up a lot in the last 20 years).

Stupid damn Google Maps rabbit hole.