War, redux...

A funny thing happened while perusing Netflix yesterday. I found Avengers: Infinity War and watched it. This was my second viewing of the film after being vastly underwhelmed by it when it was in theaters in May.

Wanna know what? I liked it. A lot more than the first time. Sure, I still think it stinks that nearly the entire film will be undone by Avengers: Endgame this coming May. I mean, it has to be undone, doesn’t it? Nearly all the survivors of Thanos’ mega-snap are the ones whose Marvel/Disney contracts are up after Endgame and whom have said they’re not likely to sign into another movie deal.


Well, whatever the case, I still had a lot more fun watching it overall. It was funnier, more action packed, and even more heartfelt than I remember it being. 

I could see myself watching again. Yup, that’s right, again!

Bring on Endgame!

Now I kinda feel bad about leaving it off my Kevin’s 7 list