WFH 2...

Remember how I said that this week would be a return to normalcy regarding work and my schedule?

Mmm, yeah... no. 

Monday - my normal work-from-home day. Nathan did not have school.

Tuesday - I was in the office. 

Wednesday - it got down to -17°F before windchill. Our boss closed the office encouraging us all to work from home, which I did. Again, Nathan didn’t have school.

Thursday - tomorrow is the same as today, per my boss. Still no school.

Friday - remains to be seen. For both of us.

I guess it’s a good thing we stayed home today. We made snow. Out of boiling water! (Instagram embed below)

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Jan 29
I fell down the rabbit hole known as Google Maps... again. Gawd, I need to stop doing that. This time, I was scanning around the Washington, D.C., area for whatever reason and I decided to look for the Metro line...
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Video: Lights...

Jan 31
Talk about waiting until the 11th hour to get my one and only video done. I wrapped this last night at about 10 p.m. This is video footage and photos from the Morton Arboretum’s annual Illumination event that we attended...


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Suzanne Apgar

Try blowing a bubble with the kid's liquid bubbles.


Didn’t do anything other than float away.

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