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As in "Work From Home," something I am able and allowed to do via my employer but that I only do once a week due to necessity.

This coming work week, though, will be weird because I will be adjusting to being back in the office again after last week during which I worked from home four out of five days. Let's recap!

Monday - My normal work-from-home day, so, yes, I was at home working this day.

Tuesday - I worked from the office and watched as the weather turned progressively crappier and crappier.

Wednesday - Nathan had a delayed start on his school day due to weather so I stayed home to see him off to the bus at his revised time. Then, instead of heading to the office and dealing with the cold and ice, I stayed home. 

Thursday - Katie had to switch her normal day off during the week so she could have Friday off, so I stayed home to help out with Nathan as he returned home from school. Technically, on a day like this or Monday, I could work from the office part of the day and come home when his school day ends, but it just seems kinda pointless to drive all that way for a half day and try to juggle meetings so I can commute in the middle of the day.

Friday - Katie needed to be dropped off after her half day at work so she can go on a Girls' Weekend (hence the flipping of her day off) and I was her chauffeur. And since Friday was in the negatives, I didn't want to deal with leaving my car outside in the bitter cold.

Well, I guess my declaration that this week will be a return to normalcy all depends on Mother Nature. Here's hoping. I miss my standing desk.

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