As in "Work From Home," something I am able and allowed to do via my employer but that I only do once a week due to necessity.

This coming work week, though, will be weird because I will be adjusting to being back in the office again after last week during which I worked from home four out of five days. Let's recap!

Monday - My normal work-from-home day, so, yes, I was at home working this day.

Tuesday - I worked from the office and watched as the weather turned progressively crappier and crappier.

Wednesday - Nathan had a delayed start on his school day due to weather so I stayed home to see him off to the bus at his revised time. Then, instead of heading to the office and dealing with the cold and ice, I stayed home. 

Thursday - Katie had to switch her normal day off during the week so she could have Friday off, so I stayed home to help out with Nathan as he returned home from school. Technically, on a day like this or Monday, I could work from the office part of the day and come home when his school day ends, but it just seems kinda pointless to drive all that way for a half day and try to juggle meetings so I can commute in the middle of the day.

Friday - Katie needed to be dropped off after her half day at work so she can go on a Girls' Weekend (hence the flipping of her day off) and I was her chauffeur. And since Friday was in the negatives, I didn't want to deal with leaving my car outside in the bitter cold.

Well, I guess my declaration that this week will be a return to normalcy all depends on Mother Nature. Here's hoping. I miss my standing desk.

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Kevin Spencer

I work from home about once a week. Sometimes more if there are kiddo things going on. I find I eat a lot more. It's like a never ending round trip to the fridge. "Where is the cheese" my wife will say and then she'll go "oh, you worked from home today". Yep.


Yeah, I find I don’t drink as much water or coffee or tea or anything healthier like that when I’m at home. I’m just lazy. Not sure about my eating. But my steps on Fitbit plummet when I’m at home. Pitiful total.

Marty Mankins

I work from home twice a week, unless weather or way too many work tasks and conf calls keep me busy most of the day. Then it's 3-4 days a week, like last week and this week has been.

And my steps plummet as well when I work from home, regardless of how much walking around I do inside the house.


It’s never enough wandering around the house, is it?

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