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I know I have a lot of friends and coworkers who would love to see American measurements and weights go bye-bye in favor of the Metric system. 

I have other friends who would love to see Daylight Saving Time go away so there is no twice-yearly resetting of clocks. 

But me? I want to see 12-hour time eradicated forever.


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No more of this AM/PM BS. What sense does it make to count from 1-11 in the AM to have the 12 o’clock hour that immediately follows be labeled PM. Sure, it’s the literal “post meridiem,” but logically speaking, it’s completely illogical.

That’s why so few people can tell you if midday is AM or PM and the same with midnight. If we used common sense and counted the day on a 1-24 hour cycle, we wouldn’t have to worry about which is which and we’d never have to use crap monikers like “midday” and “midnight” ever again. 

And, c’mon, if you even try to argue how to translate the time, it’s a simple matter of adding or subtracting 12. That’s it. But if we’re on 24-hour time, it doesn’t matter. You won’t have to convert! 

It’s a win-win!


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Kevin Spencer

I remember when my Mum & Dad got our first VCR it had a 24 hour clock on it and that's how we learned about it as kids. I'd love it to become standard although saying 23 o'clock out loud would take some getting used to.


You could say 23 o’clock or go military with 2300. Kinda interchangeable.

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