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With golden parachutes, executive overpay, line-level employee overwork, customer screwovers, small business squelching, and so much more, I already harbor enough disgust for corporate America. Then I watch a movie featuring an evil corporation and it all comes bubbling up again.

This happened again while watching the Alien movies the last few weeks. Oh, that Weyland-Yutani Industries. Such evil bastards!


I wouldn’t even trust them if they claimed to be handing me a guaranteed cure for cancer. 

They're just the latest in a list of corporations that, despite being fictional, I see real companies looking more like each day. Companies like Facebook, Google, Trump, Comcast/Xfinity, AT&T...

Yes, I have a list of those fictional companies!

  • The Circle
  • Omni Consumer Products (OCP)
  • Soylent Corporation
  • Smylex
  • Cyberdyne Systems
  • Oscorp Industries
  • LexCorp

You don't?