Last night, we had a late site deployment at work. I could’ve worked from home but everyone else was sticking around the office so I did, too. 

We got dinner out of the affair, as well. Since one of us is on the Keto diet, we decided to try to get a decent pizza dinner that he could also enjoy. 

Enter Lou Malnati’s crustless pizza!

How, you might ask, does that even work? According to the CubeRule, pizza is only a “toast” because it sits on top of the carbs. Without the carbs, it becomes a “salad.” 

So what does it sit on? A crust made 100% of Chicago-bred SAUSAGE! 


Ohmigod, I loved it. It’s not something I can eat regularly, obviously. But on those rare occasions, sign me up!

But, and I ask this sincerely, am I eating a salad??

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