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It’s kinda funny. For the last two decades, I’ve grown accustomed to always fast forwarding through commercials on shows that we watch. First because we recorded them on VHS; then because of the beauty of DVRs. 

When we signed up for the limited-commercial plan on Hulu, I admit we were nervous about being forced to watch commercials.


But it’s really not so bad. We tolerate them because commercial breaks are anywhere from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes at most as opposed to 4-5 minutes on broadcast TV. And Hulu displays a countback timer so we know what to expect. 

The truly strange thing that’s come of all this, though?

When a commercial break comes up on Hulu, I’m constantly correcting my habit of reaching for the remote to fast forward, because, yanno, I can’t.

But when we go to watch something on our DVR, I don’t try to fast forward even though I can

I’m just plain weird, aren’t I?

BTW, as follow up to last week’s rant about ads and commercials in theaters, we saw LEGO Movie 2 again today.

Different theatre (Charlestowne Mall - Classic Cinema) than last week. The start time said 2:30. Commercials ended at 2:30 on the money and trailers started. They lasted all of 8 minutes. 

Sooooo much better. And we can reserve seats. Big, comfy, reclining loungers.

Katie is convinced, however, that the start time last week was misprinted. 


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Kazza the Blank One

OMFG the ads in free to air tv in America are horrendous. A one and three quarter hour movie took two and a half hours to watch because each ad break was five minutes long! I nearly died in a hotel room with nothing else to do ..!! (at least at home you can get up and do stuff like hang out washing, clean a kitchen etc etc)

Kazza the Blank One

And yes, the second time sounded like a much better theatre experience!


That’s what makes DVR such a game changer. If you get up and walk away, you can quickly rewind to the beginning of a new segment. Or you can just record the whole thing and go back later. And you’re absolutely right about how long it takes. Ridiculous. Not the same in Australia?



Kazza the Blank One

Typically 5-6 ads of 30 seconds each. Although we really don't watch any free to air tv anymore, pretty much all just netflix now.


What’s funny is that ours tend to vary. Fewer commercials early in a show. More commercials more often later on once you’re hooked. Nefarious programming bastards.

Marty Mankins

I can't wait to watch LEGO Movie 2 a second time.

As for the Hulu ads, my wife got so frustrated with them, which were hard to FFWD past the ads. She made me upgrade out Hulu to the $11.99 plan. I now don't hear the frustrations anymore.


How long did it take to get that frustrated?

Marty Mankins

I believe it was about 6 months. We were resisting the upgrade ($4 more a month to avoid the commercials took some time to make the call)


We’ve been handling the commercials pretty well.

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