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How are we far enough into 2019 already that I’m doing a monthly goal recap?? I dunno, either. 

1. Blog Play: I did some cleanup to my blog, removed my broken search, tried reconfiguring my layout to a single column, and am now looking into fixing an issue with my accordions. Oy vey!

2. Video Play: It took until the penultimate day of the month, but I finally posted Illumination

3. Music Play: Some cursory listens to Aloe Blacc...


...and Tiësto.


4. Camera Play: Macro Monday got unofficially switched to #MiniMusicMonday and features close-ups of album covers for you all to identify. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

5. Word Play: I had an issue with my physical book reading this month as I started one, gave up on it, started another, and just am dragging ass with it. That is currently sitting at 60% complete but I improved upon the other two categories having finished two audiobooks and three graphic novels. For what it’s worth, I finished a third audiobook this morning. So... mostly yay?


I am five books toward my 48 book goal.


6. Update Play: You're reading it! 

How are your goals going?


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