Macro Monday 2019.05...


What a boring AF Super Bowl game. 

Boring game. Boring halftime show. Boring commercials. Boring conclusion. 



I’ve seen preseason games with more excitement than this. I’ve seen scrimmages... well, you get the point. 

So much for “Super.”

Preach, Dan.


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Kevin Spencer

Game a snooze fest, commercials were meh and Maroon 5 were just lame. Other than that a good time had by all.


“Other than that”? What does that even leave? Bedtime? Bathroom breaks?


I forgot to even tune in, but added some commercials and the half time show to my YouTube watch later list and plan to check them out tonight.

Suzanne Apgar

I absolutely howled at the commercial for the 100th anniversary of the NFL! It was incredibly choreographed! Wonder how many takes went into that one!!


Yeah, let me know how that one goes.


That one’s almost too long and too good to be a commercial. I think it was actually more like a full-blown movie trailer but with the intent being an actual event promotion. Kinda like the intros they do for the Oscars and Golden Globes.

Suzanne Apgar

Yup! But at least it was something worth watching as opposed to the rest of the fiasco!



Marty Mankins

I think the best part of the game was the hype before it started. Oh and the Jordan Peele "The Twilight Zone" preview.


I forgot the Jordan Peele bit.

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