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When Nathan spent the night at my parents’ house the other weekend, they introduced him to a really simple dice game called Tenzi

With a single set, four people can play by simply rolling their ten die. Upon the first roll, everyone picks their most likely number based on how they rolled. After that, everyone just rolls like mad to get all their dice the same number. The first person to do that yells “Tenzi” and wins. 


[image courtesy of ilovetenzi.com]

We've played the game every night since my mom gave Nathan his own Tenzi set. 

The other night, though, my brain just wasn’t there. I was rolling really well and got to a set of ten really quick. But I couldn’t remember what to yell.



“What the heck is the name of this game!”

I reached for the case to read it and, in the time that took, Nathan got his set and beat me to the punch. Then he and Katie laughed hysterically at me. 

Panko? Seriously??

It was deserved heckling.


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Suzanne Apgar

We've yelled Penzey, too!! Must be genetic. It's a really cool game that everyone can enjoy!!


Ho boy. Genes.

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