Macro Monday 2019.05...

Taped 08...

Another small haul for the books, er, blog. I’m pretty happy with this especially since I got them not only discounted per tape but B2G1 (buy two, get one) from Purple Dog Records in Naperville, IL. 


INXS has consistently been a top-5 band of mine for more than 30 years and, yet, I’ve never listened to their debut album. How can that be possible? It is, though. I’m really looking forward to listening to this tape.

Mind Bomb is probably the most daring purchase of the bunch as I have very little familiarity with The The (basically one or two songs). But I really like what I’ve heard.

I’ve always loved The Black Crowes and Shake Your Money Maker was one of the first two CDs I ever bought (this tends to alternate with The Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother’s Milk). I’ve owned several CD copies of this album over the years as I’ve played them past the point of playability or lost them to loaners. But this is my first cassette copy of it ever.