TBT: Banjo...

Video: PBJ...

Today, I presented an instructional video I made to a Leadership Seminar held internally in my company. 

Initially, the guidelines were just that we had to present instructions on something that could be taught in under five minutes. 

Then it was tacked on that it had to be something a child could learn. 

Finally, we were also instructed to try to add a narrative that follows the five-stage story structure. 

Given those directives, I sought to teach people how to properly make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But I gave it a little twist... I made a video. Here it is:

Considering that my coworker brought in his two young daughters as guinea pigs and they have peanut allergies, the video worked out nicely to keep them from going into anaphylactic shock. So there‚Äôs that.