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I have nothing against Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Well, I should qualify that statement by saying I had nothing against them until yesterday. 


That said, when it was announced they had either been arrested or warrants had been filed for their arrest, I laughed. Hard. Not because it was them but because it was privilege finally rebuked by the law. 

College is a pain in the ass to get into. And once you’re in, it’s not easy to stay in, be the reasons academic or financial.

So when I hear that people cheat the system, I feel no sympathy for them when they’re caught. I feel good about it, in fact. 

But the issue is that this happened at all and that is not the fault of Huffman or Loughlin or anyone else whose name is likely to be announced in the near future. 

It’s the fault of our massively screwed-up higher education system. It’s a broken institution at all levels, public or private, D-I all the way to D-III. They prioritize legacy applicants. They give preference to family and friends of donors. They want the money that comes from top quality athletes with middling to poor grades as opposed to smart kids. 

There’s just so much bullshit to wade through in college admissions (I used to work in higher ed, mind you), that it’s just not worth it anymore. And for what? A piece of paper that doesn’t tell a prospective employer anything other than that you were able to commit to some program — any program — for four or five or six years. 

I need to stop. I’m starting to feel ill.