Feb Goals...


I'm clearly becoming obsessed. But, if you cannot become (safely) obsessed with a movie, with what can you become obsessed? Yanno, without firing off a bunch restraining orders.

What is it now?

Well, it's Alien... again. This time, it's the announcement of the 40th anniversary 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray re-release of the original film.

Alien 40th

It's oh-so-pretty!

4K remaster based on the original film stock, both the 1979 theatrical release and the 2003 director's cut, commentaries, two masters of the soundtrack score, a digital copy, a steelbook release at Best Buy...

Alien steelbook

What more could I ask for?

Maybe the same treatment for Aliens for the 35th in 2021. Yeah, that would be cool. 

April 23 can't come soon enough.


LV-426 4-eva!